Tyler Perry’s Temptation Movie Review

TemptationTyler Perry’s film Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor was a movie deeply rooted in religious undertone yet it delivered a reality that isn’t shown in many movies. A lot of moviegoers either praised it or hated it partly because of the harsh ending or the “repeated dysfunctional women and situations” trend in Perry’s movie. Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is an enthralling love story that plunges into an unhealthy and obsessive relationship. Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) is at a standstill in her marriage and doesn’t see a way to explain her issue to her husband Brice(Lance Gross). Feeling lost in her marriage and in her career, she meets and falls for a man named Harley (Robbie Jones) that completely turns her world upside down.

Personally, I love a movie that can order an emotional response. At the end of the film, I literally felt my happy-go-lucky self feel down as some of the situations were relatable in some way. Okay, so I don’t want to tell the movie in its entirety but I felt like this review had to touch on a lot of the temptation that was offered throughout the movie. To try and explain some of the temptations and its references I broke the movie down by people and scenes.

  1. The poster: The poster is a serpent and a woman’s face in the shape of an apple. How Ironic is that? Everyone knows that the serpent tempted Eve to eat the apple and Perry uses this reference in the movies poster. Before seeing the movie, the poster is already suggesting that Harley really will play a serpent and cause havoc.
  2. Harley: Again, he was ultimately the serpent aka Satan. All of his “positive” ways in the beginning were just ploys and plots to tempt Judith out of her wholesome ways she put off. He was “good” until he revealed himself. He single-handedly ruined lives even though he had it all; money, cars, clothes, and a career. His tempting began with letting Judith know he would do things her husband wouldn’t and couldn’t do. It’s funny because one of his first things he could do that her husband couldn’t was give her the best sex she had ever had (ha!) intriguing her from the jump. He introduced adultery, HIV, drugs, and alcohol into Judith’s life without feeling remorse.
  3. Ava: Ava’s (Kim K)role wasn’t a significant role however she was a temptress. Not sexually or anything like Harley however she tempted Judith to change her “modest” dress to more seductive clothing. She would completely down Judith until she gave into to “livingly up” her style to impress Harley. After changing her dress she completely jumped into the affair with Harley.
  4. Janice: Janice (Vanessa Williams) tried to push Judith into doing what it took to get the account for her yet turned around and warned her that she didn’t know what she was dealing with. It’s kind of a double standards to temptation; do just enough, but beware what you’re doing can lead to bad decisions.


The movie wasn’t all temptation though; Perry put casted characters that were good and positive to the situation that received the bad end of the stick.

  1. Brice: Brice portrayed the image that we rarely get to see Black men play. He was a faithful, hardworking husband yet he had minor communication issues. That’s normal though; nobody is perfect. He was the perfect victim/perfect hero for the movie.
  2. Melinda: She portrayed the secrecy in the entire cast; she was what held the thread together. She showed a black woman that had been in a hurtful situation yet strong enough to warn others about temptation and show what happens when you fall the serpent.
  3. Mother: Though over the top, the mother represented the ultimate warning sign for Judith. She represented the knowledge of a harsh path yet the saint that would assist Judith with prayer and insight.


When people tend to overlook these massive details in the movie in order to say the movie sucked or it was the “same” type of Tyler Perry Movie they ruin the entire movie and the biblical messages. This movie had more sexuality being shown and explored a theme (temptation) than any other Tyler Perry “Christian” movie or play. For once, it really got grimy, dirty, and ended with a harsh reality of what really happens when you step out on your own volition, away from God’s plan, and eat the damn apple of the tree of life (in this case, having sex with an extremely handsome, successful man that’s not your husband). The message was simple: Communication needs to be had in a failing or paused relationship. Stop falling off the plan you know you are supposed to be on for something that seems convenient and feels good. Do not commit adultery and honey, wrap it up! If you saw the movie, what did YOU think?


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One thought on “Tyler Perry’s Temptation Movie Review

  1. Vickie

    After watching this movie it gave me reassurance that leaving my whore of an ex boyfriend alone was the right thing to do. I no longer wanted to play with my life; he gave me an std in the past but luckily it was curable. This was a great film by Tyler Perry with real world lessons. I believe Tyler gets so much negative reviews because he doesn’t allow the industry to mute his beliefs about Jesus Christ and God. He continues to share biblical lessons with us and many conspire to undermine him. He’s very blessed and will continue to be a success. I recommend this film to all.


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