Vegan in the Fall

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Fall is here and it’s time to revamp our favorite vegan ideas. As you all know I’m transitioning to veganism and honey, this is a real-life challenge. I’ve not affected y the loss of meat, but cheese is already sabotaging my relationship with plant-based dieting.

Here are a few fun facts about my transition (YES, I’M TRANSPARENT AND NO PSYCHO VEGANS I DO **NOT** WANT YOUR OPINION)

  1. Whenever I have absolutely NO energy, I always eat a tuna salad with onions, spinach, tomatoes, salt, and pepper. ALERT: It’s not vegan but I do not apologize for energizing my life. I realized that going vegan meant actually making plans to stick through the hard times so lately I’ve been cooking and eating for later. I’ve amped up on gummy multivitamins, B-12, Iron, and Calcium intake. This has decreased my need for food.
  2. I do not tell folks my diet status as it’s not relevant, but also, I find the people in the vegan community to be judgmental, rude, and newly licensed doctors (allllllll sarcasm).
  3. Only YOU have control over your diet and what is ingested into your body!

Without further ado, I’ve found some awesome vegan meals.

Veggie + Grain bowls or “Buddah Bowls” are delicious for Fall season. They are hearty, warm, and filled with major vitamins, protein, and yumminess. Use quinoa instead of white rice or use brown rice with your vegetables. It provides diversity in your meals and are great for packing your lunch. Doesn’t this look delectable? Pic credit:

Vegan in the Fall

Bean and Quinoa Chili are bomb as hell! Atlanta has been freezing lately especially during the morning and early afternoons. Chili is warming, filling, and supplies lots of fiber, protein, and helps restore energy all while warming up the insides. Top with avocado for even more flavor! Looks divine, right? Photo cred:

Vegan in the Fall


Easy Oven-Roasted Potatoes are delish, easy and fast to prepare, and can literally have all your favorite veggie toppings! Slice up mushrooms, onions, cilantro, brussels sprouts, and any other topping you want to over roast! It looks delicious and is healthy!

Vegan in the Fall

Lastly, crispy cauliflower tacos will have you smackin’ your mama! You can coat the cauliflower, use some Olive Oils, and top the cauliflower with homemade guacamole, onions, and fresh coleslaw! It will remind you of a fish taco without the hurting of the animals. Check it out here:

Vegan in the Fall

Photo credit: Veggie Inspired


Going Vegan can be healthy and fun, just embrace you and the transition! 


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