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Our past WCW’s here at PMA have all been famous do to heroic acts, (Harriet Tubman) amazing talent, (Marsha Ambrosius) or being the most powerful female politician in the United States (Hilary Rodham Clinton). Given the events in Ferguson, MO I started to think about who could help Michael Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden through what can only be described as crippling grief and I remembered Sybrina Fulton.
Sybrina Fulton is the mother of slain unarmed teenager Trayvon Benjamin Martin. Who can forget Trayvon Martin? Martin was shot returning home from 7-11 with an watermelon Arizona drink and a bag of Skittles. Martin was on the phone with a friend and was trying desperately to get home. He died 61 yards from where his father lived. As I have stated previously, THIS IS OPEN SEASON ON YOUNG BLACK MALES IN THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
No parent, no matter the circumstances, should outlive their child. To lose a child in such a senseless violent manner adds anger to unimaginable grief. Sybrina Fulton could have collapsed into grief and turned to substance abuse to numb her pain and no one would blame her. She has used that grief to fuel a foundation so that no other mother will know this grief. It should be said that Fulton was chosen as PMA’s WCW prior to her writing an open letter to the Brown family for Time Magazine.
In a beautifully heartbreaking penned letter Fulton commiserates with the Browns:
sabrina-fulton & Trayvon“I wish I had a word of automatic comfort but I don’t. I wish I could say that it will be alright on a certain or specific day but I can’t. I wish that all of the pain that I have endured could possibly ease some of yours but it won’t. What I can do for you is what has been done for me: pray for you then share my continuing journey as you begin yours.”
It’s painfully honest and sadly comforting at the same time…
“Further complicating the pain and loss in this tragedy is the fact that the killer of your son is alive, known, and currently free. In fact, he is on paid administrative leave. Your own feelings will bounce between sorrow and anger. Even when you don’t want to think about it because it is so much to bear, you will be forced to by merely turning on your television or answering your cell phone. You may find yourselves pulled in many different directions by strangers who may be well-wishers or detractors. Your circle will necessarily close tighter because the trust you once, if ever, you had in “the system” and their agents are forever changed. Your lives are forever changed.”
Sybrina Fulton
It’s obvious that the Browns have joined an exclusive club that quiet frankly no one wants to join. The price of admission being your child being brutally and unjustifiably murdered. I am not trying to indict Jordan Davis’ parents although it must be stated that they are no where to be found, perhaps because Michael Dunn, their child’s killer is facing 100 years in prison, although the jury was hung on the charge of 1st degree murder of their son. Also, perhaps they are too grief stricken to do more than get out of bed and go to work.
I’m angered by the white media’s take on this section of Fulton’s letter:
“But know this: neither of their lives shall be in vain. The galvanization of our communities must be continued beyond the tragedies. While we fight injustice, we will also hold ourselves to an appropriate level of intelligent advocacy. If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us.”
Of course that was taken to mean we (the Black community) were going to resort to violence, when NOTHING farther from the truth. Fulton meant that we will mobilize to get ourselves elected and be more proactive, register to vote and get the bastards that have their boots or our necks removed.
The full letter can be found here:
 I challenge you to read the letter and make your own judgment.
Sybrina Fulton has become the face of the healing Black mother; a role I assure you she never wanted and would give ANYTHING to not have to be the spokesperson. Reluctant leader she may be, but a leader that is needed. She promised that we would never forget and that Trayvon’s death would not be in vain. I want to personally thank Sybrina for keeping that promise.
Trayvon Benjamin Martin 02/05/95 – 02/26/12 gone too soon but not forgotten.
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