What you allow yourself to put up with

The more you love someone the more it seems that they have the ability to hurt you. If love is to be the most pure and beautiful thing than why do people continue to abuse it? And the ones who are hurt are hurt because they allow it. I really hate to see other people hurt or in pain emotionally because it’s not fair. It’s not fair for someone to hurt someone else deliberately and repetitively. I don’t think people realize that the person that they continuously hurt is a human being. They are not just your girlfriend or your boyfriend. They are people who have feelings a**holes. Let me just put this out there, what goes around comes around and it comes harder.

If you are a cheater, what may happen is a child could be born; a STD could be contracted, or worse than a curable STD AIDS/HIV. If you’re a manipulator what can happen is the person you manipulate could leave your sorry self and then someone new will manipulate you. To be honest, I don’t understand why people think its okay to do somebody any kind of way. Is that what we do in 2012? Let’s be real… I can talk about doing people this or that but the bottom line is the people who are doing it keep it up because people allow them to do it.

What you allow yourself to put up with is a direct reflection of yourself. Love is pure. It’s something that everyone has to give and wants to receive therefore you can’t allow just anyone to take advantage of you. If your lover loved you like they say… they wouldn’t {excuse my French} shit on you every chance that they got. It’s hard to let go of something you cherish so much but it’s harder to walk away and tend to you.

Self-love is the most important in a relationship. It determines what you allow to happen and not to happen. It’s a tender place inside of your heart where you have to search to realize that you are the most important in the relationship. Love yourself before you can love anyone else. And remember to walk the HELL away if you are so emotionally damaged that you can’t ever see any sunlight or positivity in the relationship or in your heart. Love, peace, and romance.


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