Who has the Sugar Daddy Formula? Taylor B. Jones has It!


Sugar Daddy Formula: Taylor Jones

How do I influence men to get them to do what I want when I want? That’s the question that women have been asking from the dawn of ages. But we never got the answer; well, some of us didn’t, but those who have sought out professional sugar baby advice from Taylor B. Jones received the answer. Taylor B. Jones created and became an author and advocate on the emerging lifestyle for sugar babies. She mastered the sugar daddy game and she made the choice to help young women to effectively market themselves to attract their desired arrangement. Empowering women to take the reins and take charge of their lives to making smart decisions that lead them to their wildest dreams and fantasies is what Taylor’s empire became. Her unconventional business idea is bold, daring, and very much a smart business decision for a woman that was once a sugar baby herself. Pardon My Audacity had the chance to sit down and speak with this savvy entrepreneur.

PMA: You are a sugar baby coach, tell readers exactly that is and what does your job entail.
TBJ: I know what it’s like. I was clueless to this lifestyle. I didn’t know where to begin nor what I should be doing next. I didn’t know how to ask for what I wanted, how to setup the foundation for my success, and I didn’t know how to take the financial generosity of my sugar daddy to get him to invest in me. I would have done anything to have someone experienced when I was getting started. I help sugar babies navigate the sugar baby lifestyle to effectively market themselves and have a better understanding of what they are doing to get what they want. My client’s range from CEO’s, lawyers, ambitious college students, ex-wives of professional athletes, D’List celebrities’, authors, mothers, porn stars, escorts/strippers (wanting out of that life and securing a better one), and women like you who are wanting more out of their relationships to enhance their own lifestyle and building wealth to sustain it. We all need help to see things that we can’t see alone (or implement strategies the right way). That’s the beauty of working with a sugar baby coach.

PMA: What made you step out and extend your helping hand to sugar babies all over?
TBJ: When I started sugar daddy dating, I decided I was going to handle all of it alone. I didn’t have anyone to turn to and ask for help nor did I tell my family or my friends about this lifestyle. I was all alone to figure it out. I would do a lot of research and try to figure out how I can apply other sugar babies stories to my own. No luck. I just didn’t know what to do next and I was left with trial and error. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as I found out, it takes an incredible amount of TIME to find a formula that works. I was joining multiple sugar daddy dating sites that sparked my interested of what promises they tell about the generous membership they have of their male members. But no matter how much time I put into it, I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted: quality sugar daddies. It wasn’t long before I realized that all the issues that I had and obstacles that I was facing was because of me. This realization literally changed everything for me and I began doing something differently. I started changing my approach and how I was handling sugar daddy dating altogether, and it became the catalyst for everything. As I found out more about this world, I became obsessed with it. The more that I researched, I realized that there wasn’t that much information out there. I’m no model, I’m no celebrity, and I’m not a reality star. The books that are out there about this lifestyle are focused around models. I came up with a formula that worked great for me and which I share with others.

PMA: What is the very first thing you say to your clients who state, “Taylor, I want a sugar daddy!”

TBJ: It’s not so much what I say. It’s what I ask. “Why would a sugar daddy want to date you?” We are all self-absorbed and our core focus is to focus on what we want not realizing what the other person would want from us and why would they want to provide us with what we are wanting. When a sugar baby is attempting to acquire a relationship with a sugar daddy it is very important to keep in mind that every individual has certain personality FEATURES that are specific to that individual that drive their everyday BEHAVIORS. Additionally every person has features about themselves that some people will find very attractive and others that will alienate certain personality types. Additionally, one must always keep in mind that ultimately one is always trying to sell themselves and their values to an individual. This holds especially true in a sugar baby’s quest to acquire a meaningful relationship with a sugar daddy. Every sugar daddy has “hot buttons” and only the most successful sugar babies are those that can ascertain what the other person’s hot buttons are and then mirror their value(s) to get what they want.

PMA: I know there isn’t a sugar baby/daddy school, tell us, where you got the inside details from?

TBJ: By utilizing business tactics, human behavior and marketing. If you can sell yourself to others in such a way that they want to help you, that’s amazing to me and I teach others how to do it. I provide an in-depth sugar baby education to getting what a sugar baby wants by understanding sugar daddies. Most sugar babies never learn, so they keep making the same mistakes over, and over, and get stuck in a cycle. I show sugar babies the exact steps and specific directions to help be more successful with sugar daddies – and a person doesn’t have to be a supermodel, a specific age and race to do it. You might say my Sugar Daddy Formula is the Rosetta Stone of marketing for sugar babies.


PMA: What is the mandatory knowledge of attracting a sugar daddy?

TBJ: Becoming a sugar baby is a choice and a decision. It starts there. I think that a lot of women are clueless about the traits they possess to make this lifestyle work for them because it’s about having an understanding of what you want. A lot of times sugar babies don’t know what they want. They don’t know how to ask for what they want to get it. If sugar babies have a better understanding of the type that they are, it allows her a better way to attract her ideal guy. However, going into online sugar daddy dating, you need to be able to think long term. This is not a short- term proposition by any stretch of the imagination. When you start thinking of online sugar daddy dating as a short-term thing, you’re pretty much sealing your own fate. Think about it in these terms, how many times in your life have you found a man to assist you with your needs by providing his financial generosity? None, twice, three times maybe? The fact is: finding a man to do what you want is a process. It’s rare, it’s special and the thought that you should be able to do that within a couple of days on an online sugar daddy dating website, well, that would be close to miraculous. It does happen for lots of sugar babies – but to bank on just signing up to a website isn’t going to get you a sugar daddy to start doing what you want – that’s not the way this whole thing plays out. With any map, you need to have a clear direction of where you’re going before you can get there. That’s where my Sugar Daddy Formula comes in.

PMA: How do you define the ideal arrangement/relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties?

TBJ: When both are up front with their needs. What a sugar baby wants and what sugar daddies are seeking are two different things. It’s how well a person can actually communicate. A lot of communication falls on the sugar baby to speak his language. She does it in a way so he’s setting up the relationship based on what he’s seeking, but in a way that allows that sugar daddy to WANT to provide things for her. Within this lifestyle there’s so many types of relationships that develop. If a person is just upfront, it saves a lot of time, especially if they’re open with it at the beginning, it makes an easier transition for building that foundation of that relationship.

PMA: What services do you provide to help sugar babies seeking a sugar daddy?

TBJ: Being a sugar baby can be isolating, and I have a support network that’s real help for real RESULTS. I offer a no-obligation Sugar Baby Strategy Session, we’ll dig in to learn all about what a sugar baby is wanting to achieve out of the sugar baby lifestyle, where she might be getting stuck & determine what’s the best plan of action that she can take with me towards sugar daddy domination to get her message in front of the RIGHT sugar daddy and enrich her life through her relationship. I have been using seductive profile writing and pristine persuasion to lure in my sugar daddies over the years. In that process, I’m more than prepared to be a voice chameleon and put those skills to work for a sugar baby via my sugar baby profile writing services. My Sugar Baby eCourse: “How To Find Your Sugar Daddy And Get What You Want” is the ONLY online Course that completely details every single step a sugar baby needs to take to achieve sugar baby success from her profile. You can learn more about me and my services by connecting with me at my site: and come see why my practical advice has helped thousands of women worldwide.

Taylor created a business out of what she became an expert on. If there are any women out there good at something, think of a way to market yourself and create a business. Unconventional businesses are lucrative because they target a specific individual or group. If you’re interested in being a sugar baby and don’t know where to begin, maybe seeking out professional help from Taylor would be an idea you’ll try now.

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