Who Pays What? Are we 50/50?

Who Pays What?Who Pays What? Are we 50/50?

No, really. Who pays what nowadays? There’s all these rules on what men should and shouldn’t be doing inside of a home, but what is the true answer? Are men to pay all the bills or do women pay utilities while men pay mortgage or the rent? Do we make the decision based on both party’s income? How are we supposed to know?

This argument is so prominent via social media that I had to address it to see what people really think women have been saying, “Yes, my man needs to be the provider. My responsibility is home, kids, and etc.” Men ALWAYS comment asking women to just chip in and pay utilities.

What is your honest opinion? Does it depend on biblical references? Does it depend on who makes the most money? It’s 2017, things have changed; family dynamics have been vastly altered than previous years. It’s personally my opinion that people should disconnect from societal expectations and run their homes the way it works for them.

Case in point, I have a very good friend is in love with a man’s man who wants to provide for the home. However, my friend makes more money, doesn’t have a child of her own yet, and says that if she has a child during the marriage she’d prefer to work while the man stays home. He objects but she would rather work than be a stay home parent or have her child in daycare. Must be nice right? Who should be the main worker? Who should stay home?

What Pays What?

Another example is a pair of parents who live together. Both have a job, the woman has the higher paying job. This couple split bills and it works out that way. The mother feels more financially strain as her bills are higher than her counterpart. She has a car note with car insurance on top of their monthly bills. Should he take on more utilities? Or is it fair because those car expenses are hers? But they share one car… Who should pay what?

If splitting bills are easier then splitting bills are that home’s situations. In reality, situations can change at a drop of a dime. One low income position can advance increasing income for one. If a man is the only source of income, he’ll be paying the bills. Vice versa applies, the goal is to make sure the family survives through all situations. If a woman is a stay at home mother, her contributions will come in a different form of help.

It comes down to who is truly the head of the household financially? Who is the team player? Who is going to hold down the fort and hold up the financially stable one? Women that are “high maintenance” scream “My man will pay everything!” Men who aren’t financially stable screams, “B*****es want too much!” Simple women say “I can pay utilities if my man needs help.” And Men raised with male influence say, “If I got it, I’ll pay everything.”

Who is right? We want to know your opinion.


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