Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana Menstrual Pain Relief Products

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana Menstrual Pain Relief Products

Whoopi Goldberg was apparently fed up with menstrual cramps and pain because she just launched marijuana menstrual pain relief products. Honestly, it will probably become a stable go-to during that time of the month.

How many times have you been doubled over in pain with slow working Midol? Too many times. The comedian and co-host of The View joined forces with the High Times Cannabis Cup award winner and edible marijuana maker Maya Elisabeth.

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana

The duos products include an Epsom salt in “Amber Moon” fragrance which includes 25 mg of THC. There’s also a “Rub” that is specially formulated to ease menstrual pain containing 50 mg of THC. They also have a product for ingestion with 100 mg of THC called “Relax.”

Sadly, products are currently only going to be sold in California. This means the rest of the world won’t be able to enjoy the herbal remedy. Whoopi has been vocal about her marijuana usage and has found her comfort with a vape pen. She’s only enlightening females on methods she claims helped soothe her. We’d like to say push through Whoopi, you are definitely my type of business woman.

What do you all think about the product market allowing marijuana menstrual pain products? Is Whoopi genius? Would you try the products?


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