Why Did The NFL Punish Brady and The Patriots, But Not Belichick?

tom-brady_416x416 Why Did The NFL Punish Brady and The Patriots, But Not Belichick?

Is Tom Brady​ Being Punished Too Harshly?

Yesterday, we finally found out what, if any, punishment Tom Terrific and the New England Patriots​ would receive over the now infamous “Deflategate.” Brady received a four (4) game suspension, the Patriot organization was fined an unprecedented $1,000,000.00 which is nothing to billionaire owner Robert Kraft​. However, the team also lost next year’s 1st round draft pick AND it’s 4th round draft pick in the 2017 draft.


Screenshot_2015-05-12-00-04-27Missing from ANY punishment is head coach Bill Belichick​ who many believe has fostered an atmosphere of cheating. ESPN First Take​ analyst Stephen A. Smith​ feels the Wells report has exonerated the embattled coach, Skip Bayless​ shockingly does not. It’s my personal opinion that while Belichick may not have been there with the needle and air pressure gauge, if you know your coach is okay with cheating, then you’re not afraid to cheat. Ric Flair, The Nature Boy​ famously said, “Win at will, lose if you must, but always cheat.” Fine for professional wrestling which is fixed anyway,  but not the mantra for any real sport.


It has always bothered me that Belichick is considered to be this great head coach, but it’s only been the case in New England. As the coach of the Cleveland Browns, he was 36-44 and was fired by Art Modell. That same team led by  Brian Billick​ won the Super Bowl.


How long have the Patriots been cheating? Why was New Orleans Saints​ coach Sean Payton​ punished but NOT Belichick? The NFL​ has the same issue that the NCAA​ has, it doles out it’s punishment to whomever and whenever it wants. There seems to be no set rules when it comes to punishment. This is incongruous with Payton’s punishment as ignorance is no defense. Yet Belichick will be coaching next season, Keith Olbermann​ thinks he should NOT be coaching next season either. Where is the even justice? I guess Goodell won’t be celebrating Christmas with Kraft​ this year.


Tom Brady has let his father, agent, owner, and lawyer speak for him. If I was accused of doing something I categorically denied, there would be no way you could shut me up. I fought a ticket in Maitland, FL because they lied. I don’t mean I went to court and simply said, “I didn’t do it.” I went into court with a six (6) page brief. Fact. Had I lost, I would’ve hired an attorney and appealed. Tom Brady has gone from Tom Terrific to Cheating Tom​.


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