Is It Wrong to Set Boundaries for your Parents for your Kids?

Is It Wrong to Set Boundaries for your Parents for your Kids?

Is it wrong to put boundaries on your parents

Parents can be a lifesaver when you have kids! You respect them, you value them, and you also want them to back the hell up sometimes. They jump in when you are not wanting them to, tell you how to do certain things their way, and ultimately, it becomes a bit much.

Set boundaries for your parents. This doesn’t mean that you must aggressively set them, but you must have a talk with them to let them know that you are the parent. You appreciate the help, but not to undermine you in front of your child.

Every black woman knows their mama is still the boss. But there is a way to come to terms with being a mother and having your mother allow that to happen. I never had to set a boundary with my mother, she pretty much steps back when I need her to. In the beginning after I was finally adjusted, I was able to tell her I got this mom. She didn’t take offense to it and she was clearly happy to take a break from being a super grandmother.

If there are boundaries that need to be set, sit down with the parent and explain what has been happening in an understanding manner. Thank the parent for everything that they do to help you with your child and advise them that you just prefer to do x, y, and z your way. If the delivery is good, there should be an understanding that takes place in that moment that will give you a sense of adulthood.

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