Zoë Kravitz: Sexy and Successful

zoe-kravitzZoë Kravitz: Sexy and Successful 

Zoë Isabella Kravitz is not only the daughter of the gorgeous Lisa Bonet and the handsome Lenny Kravitz, but she is simply a trifecta of talent. She’s an actress, singer, and model; a combination contributed from her actress mother and songwriting singer father.


We are seeing Zoë everywhere these days and we are loving it. From After Earth, X-Men: First Class, Divergent, Insurgent, Mad Max: Fury Road, and the newest movie she’s in entitled Dope. We are able to watch her grow onscreen and it’s a transformation that we recognize from the genes inherited from her parents.




But beyond the talent, our girl is always caught on the camera front slaying red carpets. This is an ode to the creative intellect in a black woman. An ode to that crazy, sexy, cool chick with careless fashion that works oh so well on her.  An ode that alternative woman who does not akin European standards of beauty by making their own fashion statements. Zoë has that; she’s eclectic and classic like Lisa was on “The Cosby Show.” Her long braids with her sexy dresses and combat boots her work specifically for her. She is blossoming into an even better actress than her mother which is hard to say because everyone loved “Denise” back in the day. Her roles promote a strong woman, a fighter, and even a school girl but they are always diverse, large, and much needed.

We welcome Miss Zoë to the entertainment world so she can take it by storm.


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